Anal training


How do you do anal training? Small plugs to warm up? A finger? Special lube? What do you like to use to anal train?

Dick Rambone

Anal Training and warm-up

First up let me specifically differentiate between training and warm-up. You can be a total anal slut with years if training, capable of taking Dick Rambone balls deep, or bigger, and still need to warm-up before a play session. The warm-up for big or extreme anal is basically the same as the process of anal training but it just takes a few minutes, maybe half an hour, to prepare for serious anal – once you have trained sufficiently to deal with the anal session to  come.

Anal training starts with Lube

In order to start anal training you have to get something inside you ass, anything. While it is not essential, lube make the job of getting anything in your ass much easier. Lots of things are suitable for lubricating the entrance, hair conditioner, hand cream, baby oil, etc., but soap definitely is not. NO SOAP! For a lot more information on Anal Lube read;- What is a Good Anal Lube?

Anal training with fingers

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index finger in anusTwo Fingers Deep
Back to the question of Training. Fingers are always a good place to start. Your own fingers are best. It is not just your muscles that need exercising and/or stretching, which is one part of training, your inner anal sphincter (IAS) and the nervous system that controls it, also need training.  The nervous system is a big issue because the nerves that control your IAS are not connected directly to your brain. The nerves are part of the Autonomic nervous system. Your brain does not Feel what is going on in your ass and it cannot directly open the anus.
The autonomic nervous system (ANS), also known as the visceral nervous system and involuntary nervous system, … is a control system that acts largely unconsciously and regulates the heart ratedigestion, … and sexual arousal. This system is the primary mechanism in control of the fight-or-flight response and its role is mediated by two different components. – Wikipedia
So using your own finger(s) gives direct feedback to your conscious mind. Your fingers are also highly sensitive to touch and this reduces your focus on the sensations from your anus. It allows you to poke around and stretch things without hurting yourself. This make the idea of being penetrated far less ominous and doing it starts to reprograms your anus and rectum to be accepting of being poked and stretched. While you have your finger(s) in your ass you want to feel around the wall of you rectum and hook you finger(s) over the top of your anus.

Anal training with butt plugs

Classic Butt Plug
Classic Butt Plug
As a training tool plugs are good in a couple of respects. They familiarize your rectum with having a foreign body in it without it being poo and helping your rectum to differentiate between a need to poo and just being stuffed. They also train your anus to accept the feeling of something foreign moving around in it and propping it open (to varying extents). But a plug you can wear for a long time usually has a longer, slender stem and that doesn’t really hold your anus open to any extent, unless you use a harness to hold in with a shorter and/or fatter stem. A slender stem will “tease” your anus relentlessly but does not help you anus get used to the feeling of really being fully held/stretched open. Because the sensations of a full rectum will trigger the nervous system to open the IAS, people often have trouble holding the things in just using their anus muscles. You quickly realise that the part of the sphincter you can control consciously is not as good at holding things in. This is also why it can be so hard to get past the initial penetration of anal sex. But once the head of the cock is inside the recturm the anus automatically relaxes.

Anal training with dildos and vibrators

Classic Vibe
Classic Chrome Vibe
Plugs do not help you prepared for the thrusting. The in and the out of it. Nor are most any good for training the upper part of the recturm to be comfortable being interfered with. The majority of plugs are between 3 and 5 inches insertable and the average rectum is 6 inches. Even at their longest they are still not intended for thrusting in and out. You want to start with a very smooth dildo or vibrator. Vibrators have the added advantage of helping to loosen tight muscles. After a while you can progress to something that is textured.Certainly the more you wear a plug or play with your ass (without bruising and tearing something) the faster you will train your ass to cope with being fucked. To really train your ass you always want a toy on hand that is just a little bit bigger than you are comfortable with. Play with that for a while (a few minutes) and then give it a rest. Push your boundaries a little every time, but don’t hurt yourself. Then go back to “wearing” something a little more comfortable. You will know when you can move up in size because you will start feeling comfortable with the larger toy(s). For more detailed information I suggest reading Learning to enjoy anal sex and Anal Sex Training by Yourself.

Perfectly Easy Anal Sex – A success story

Easy Anal Sex

Perfectly Easy Anal Sex – Prologue by MaxPrivate

“Perfectly easy anal sex” is a success story from one of my followers on FetLife. The story actually started as a post entitled “So I really wanted to try anal” about 8 months ago before she came to me asking for help.

” I have gotten ok with the insertion and toys being in there…but the fucking motion…i don’t like it. It causes me pain. Currently I have called an all stop to anal until I figure it out.”

Based on a lot more detailed information she shared I directed her to a number of the articles that I have now published here and gave her a couple of specific pointers. 3 months later she wrote back to me;

“I wanted to say thank you for your help and support and advice.

So yesterday afternoon kinda out of the blue, didn’t really plan to, we just kinda went for it…. I had anal for the first time and it was awesome. We didn’t do any prep stretching or anything but because of what I’d been doing on my own it didn’t hurt at all….and he is not even a small guy…lol. and I had the most amazing orgasm from it….lol

Can’t wait to try it again! Yay!

Thank you again. :)”

So pleased with her success she wrote this account of her experience which she was happy for me to republish for others, especially those who might find a site like FetLife a bit too confronting.

So I really wanted to try anal;

At the same time the idea of trying anal kinda squidged me out a bit ….for a couple of reasons.

One, well it’s anal and you hear all kinds of horror stories about how it hurts, and well there’s the poop factor. Also for me I had gotten a little additionally freaked out because I had a bit of a bad experience with a guy who, using just toys, had pushed me a little too far and had caused a good bit of pain and discomfort, some from the stretching but mostly from the thrusting. So I had completely freaked out about anal, and pretty much closed the doors back there for a while.

But I was not deterred. (If you’ve read my profile you know that I can be rather stubborn) I still wanted to get to the point to try anal, why I honestly have no idea, but I did. Maybe I would hate it and never do it again, maybe I’d love it and become an “anal whore.” Either way I wanted to at least try it and see which way my ass went.

Anal 101. I read a bunch of people’s comments and questions and the good advice that people had posted in response. Then being too embarrassed to post my own question on the group I instead messaged someone who had been giving that good advice and told him what had happened and asked him some questions about how I should move forward to –GASP- train myself…

He gave me some really good advice about making it about me, and what felt good to me, and stopping if it didn’t feel good. Which all seem pretty logical, but when it comes to anal, I had gotten all sorts of turned around so I needed that logical advice. He also gave me some pointers on how to go about the first time when I was finally ready for anal.

So that’s what I did. When I masturbated I used butt plugs. Small at first and then slowly worked my way to bigger. Sometimes I would just put them in there and them…ummm concentrate on other things…sometimes I would use my “anal dildo” (it’s long, flexible, thin and has a handle) and move it in and out to get used to the thrusting motion. It all depended on what felt good that day. It got to a point that some days I craved the anal stimulation while I masturbated.

This lasted several months. And over that time I had several guys that I was talking to ask if I was into anal, and I would tell them not yet. Initially I told a couple guys that I was working on it, and was training myself for it. And OMG, the reactions I got from that…

“That’s weird.”

“You can’t train yourself”

“It would work better if I trained you”

So I stopped telling guys that I was training myself and just told them I wasn’t up to anal yet.

The Plan:

So, when I did have anal for the first time I had a plan, based on my reading and the advice I had gotten.
  • I was going to be in control…would probably be on top as the squatting position is the supposed to be the easiest.
  • Would use toys or fingers first to loosen things up a bit.
  • Would do an enema before to get rid of that worry.
  • Would use lots and lots of lube.
Yeh…so not a single one of those happened…lol

Here is how it went.

I was meeting a newish fwb for a little afternoon delight. As I was getting ready to drive over I decided to be a little daring and take my vibrating butt plug, so maybe if he was willing he could fuck me with it in my ass, which I’ve been wanting to try.

So I arrive and we starting kissing and clothes are removed, not that he was wearing much when I got there, just black boxer briefs, my favorite. I tell him about the toys I brought and he seems perfectly willing, so I think YAY!

He pushes me down on the bed and crawls on top of me, pinching and nibbling on my breasts. Then he slides down between my legs and drives me crazy with his mouth and hands for a while, until I came.

He stood up and moved to the side of the bed, and I nearly attacked his cock with my mouth. I was on my hands and knees on the bed in front of him sucking and licking and them I felt the vibrator moving along the seam of my ass. He pushed it in slightly, but for whatever reason, my position, the angle; it wouldn’t go in so he set it aside.

I was a little disappointed, but I figured, oh well, no big deal.

I pulled my mouth back to the tip of his cock and looked up at him and he asked if I wanted his cock inside me, and I said yes. He tossed me back on the bed again, crawled between my legs and impaled himself in my wet pussy. It felt great. He fucked me deep and hard, and then slow and shallow and the fast and then deep again. He was driving me crazy.

Then still kneeling between my legs he pulled out and rubbed his cock on my asshole. I met his eyes and he raises his eyebrow at me and asks me if I want more.

At that moment, I wasn’t scared or worried or anything. And I trusted him. I knew he would stop if I didn’t like it and not be mad or upset about it. That he really did care about my pleasure. And at that moment All I wanted was for him to put his cock in my ass. So I followed my instincts and I said yes.

He pushed his cock in real slow, just to the point where it would stretch and should hurt, but it didn’t, not even slightly, it felt amazing.

He stopped and looked at me again and asked if I wanted more, and I am pretty sure my yes was in the form of a moan that time. So he slowly slid his cock all the way in, and still no pain, just this wonderful feeling.

Then he started to move and I felt the orgasm coming almost immediately.

He asked me if he could come in my ass and I said yes, partly because I didn’t care if he did and partly because I was so not letting him pull out until I had cum. And then I did, at the same time that he did incidentally, and O.M.G….. it was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had!!

So that’s my story.

So I am pretty sure the reason it went so well is because I trusted him and I had become comfortable with my own ass and its pleasure.

I think if I had followed my original plan it would have gone ok, but I think I would have been too focused on it and nervous about it, and I don’t think I would have had the earth shattering orgasm I had, so I am glad I followed my instincts and went for it, and that my self training made me ready for it.