Max Enema System – 4L Medical Grade Silicone

Max Enema System

Max Enema System - Enema kit & injector closed

Max Enema Kit with Injector


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The Max Enema System is the only kit you will ever need. The three different rectal nozzles have been included to cater for everyone from beginners to veterans and everyone in between. Whether you are after an enema system for Homeopathy, Hygiene or Adult games the Max Emena System is built to last.

The components of the Max Enema System are made from a the appropriate combination of medical grade hypoallergenic, plastics and Silicone. All the materials are chemically resistant to acids, alkalies, alcohols and oils. This make the Max Enema System suitable for any enema mix you can dream up and there your don’t have to worry about degrading the components with different disinfectant or cleaning products.

The Max Enema System is suitable for all needs.

Components and features

4L Enema Bag

4L Silicone Enema Bag

4L Enema Bag

Don’t be put off by the 4L capacity. There may be some people capable of taking 4L in one hit, but the primary purpose of a large capacity bag is simply to ensure you never have to refill the bag in the middle of administering an enema. Large volumes of water also maintain their temperature longer and the silicone rubber is also helps to prevent temperature drop better than metal or even plastic cans. There’s nothing worse than ending up with a cold flow by the time you are ready to administer the enema.

1.2m Silicone Tube

max enema system - 1.2m hose

1.2 m Silicone hose

The 1.2 m (4 ft) silicone hose comes with a double ended, barbed, TPX connector for connecting the silicone hose to the various nozzles.

The 1.2m of silicone hose must be cut to properly setup the Max Enema System. All that is required is a good pair of scissors. A small section can be cut off to connect the Low Flow 1-way valve to the 3-way Rectal Catheter nozzle. The silicone hose can also be cut at appropriate places to insert the High Flow 1-way valves into the line between the enema bag and the various nozzles.

Stainless Hook

Stainless Steel Hook

Stainless Steel Hook

The heavy duty Stainless Steel hook is encased in duable, clear PVC tubing to prevent it from scratching the surface of any towel rail or shower curtain rod you might hand the Max Enema System from.
The top of the 4L Silicone enema bag has two eyelets through which you can pass the stainless steel hook. If you only fill the bag by less than about 3/4’s, you can hang the enema bag by only one of the eyelets. This allows the top opening of the enema bag to hang open, making it easy to refill the bag without unhooking it. If you fill be bag with more than 2.5 litres, you should really hang the bag by both eyelets to ensure you enjoy your Max Enema System for many years without the hook tearing through the eyelets.

Heavy duty Flow Clamp

Max Enema System - flow clamp

Heavy Duty Flow Clamp


Max Enema System - Hi Flow

2 x Hi Flow, 1-Way valve

High Flow 1-Way Valve


Low Flow 1-Way Valve

Low Flow, 1-Way valve

Low Flow, 1-Way valve

PVC Anal Nozzle

Soft PVC Anal Nozzle

Soft PVC Rectal Nozzle

Colon Tube

Soft PVC Colon Tube

Soft PVC Colon Tube

Balloon Catheter

3-way, Rectal Catheter

3-way Silicone Rectal Catheter

Balloon Inflation Syringe

Max Injector

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