Alcohol and Anal Sex

Is it good to mix alcohol and anal sex?

Every time I see the subject of deliberately using alcohol to help a bottom take a cock, especially when the question relates to an anal sex virgin, neigh sayers descend on the forum discussion propounding the dangers of mixing alcohol with anal sex. Their rather outrageous claim is that anyone using alcohol to easy the path to anal penetration is a candidate for the Darwin Awards or, at the very least, a trip to the ER. From a clinical standpoint, nothing could be further from the truth and there is no justification for all the negativity 

Alcohol is a legal, recreational drug

Alcohol (Booze) is the perfect drug for anal retentives. It eases pain in two ways. First and most obviously, as an anesthetic, it dulls pain. But far more importantly, it relaxes muscles, both directly and indirectly. This is the most important aspect of avoiding pain which comes from muscle strain the first time some people attempt anal penetration.

I can find no explanation for the outrageous claims suggesting that using alcohol to loosen up for anal sex puts people in hospital or could result in death. It is possible that alcohol would impair some people’s judgement and they place themselves in situations that result in rape. But rape is not the issue here. A staggering number of people lose their anal virginity after sharing a candlelit dinner with some wine or champagne. Other scenarios include after or during a party or a concert or other social event that includes lifts their emotional spirits, enjoyment, excitement with some alcohol. With their inhibitions subdued, they succumb to their own anal urges that they have been suppressing or the anal advances of a partner that they have been discouraging. With a bit of intoxication, they were converted.  Other may have only done it the once, but none of them end up in hospital.

Alcohol’s drug effects

To gain the greatest anal benefit from alcohol you do not want to be “Blotto”. You want to be just a little bit tipsy. Just one or two drinks.

With all due respect to the standard health warnings:
There is no safe level of drug use. Use of any drug always carries some risk. It’s important to be careful when taking any type of drug. – Australian Drug Foundation
let’s keep things in perspective. First up, alcohol is legal throughout most of the world, compared to other drugs that fall under the same classification. It is a recreational drug that is consumed daily by literally 100’s of millions, if not billions, of people. The effects of long term abuse, binge drinking and alcoholic poisoning are well know and are neither diminished nor exacerbated by using it as an aid to Anal Sex.

Alcohol (Booze) is classified as a Depressant, along with heroin, cannabis, the prescription drug group of benzodiazepines and other prescription tranquilizers. This does not mean that people who take these drugs must be depressed or that it will make them depressed.
“Depressants slow down the activity of the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), which reduces a person’s alertness, and also slows down functions such as breathing and heart rate.” – Australian State Library
This is exactly the type of assistance someone needs who wants to try anal sex but is struggling with one of more of the typical problems associated with anal sex (see: – Anal Sex Problems)

The outward effects of Depressants is to lower inhibition, which lowers any anxiety (whether related to the act of anal sex or not). Unless you are catatonic or seriously inebriated, the alcohol does not stop you feeling pain. What it does is slow down the neural transition thereby helping to prevent startled reactions and muscle spasms.

When it comes to anal sex there is a very useful and unseen benefit from depressants. The inner anal sphincter (IAS), which is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, can be particularly uncooperative for the inexperienced. This is the number one reason people actively train for anal sex. Alcohol has the same effect on the autonomic nervous system as with any other part of the central nervous system and that makes it much easy to pass something through the IAS.

Limits to how much alcohol can help

My cautionary words are these;
  • Too much alcohol can have a reverse effect, inducing rage, depression as well as anxiety attracts.
  • While you can still feel pain, you anesthetized consciousness may choose to ignore it.
  • Alcohol is for the bottom. If you are inexperienced you need the top to have all their facalties to make sure they don’t over step any marks.
  • Because booze lowers your inhibitions (depresses your ego) you may consent to things while you are drunk that you regret when you are sober again.
Alcohol is not a substitute for lube. Good anal lube will prevent damage from friction (remember to inject a load up your ass before you start – see: What is a Good Anal Lube) and getting tipsy will release the muscle (the IAS in particular) and make everything go in (and out) easier.

If you are not into alcohol there is no need to go down this path either. Most of my advice on Learning to Enjoy Anal Sex is base on you being completely sober.

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  1. Because so many strongly oppose any drinking with any BDSM activity it was a guilty, dirty lil secret of mine that I sometimes partake of a few drinks. Ty, for making me feel better about it. I love your site btw.

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